Monday 29th August 2016

What Is ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

what is add

What Is ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder

What is Attention Deficit Disorder ?  The exact definition of what makes up attention deficit disorder is a controversial topic. It seems as though every medical professional has a different definition of what this disease is. But, almost everyone can agree on the fact that it is based on both psychological and physiological factors, and it affects the subjects ability to concentrate, complete tasks and live a normal everyday life.  There are many Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms that could be linked to other disorders, so getting the right information is key for diagnosis start living with ADD using ADD to your advantage.

What Causes ADD?

Relatively little is known about attention deficit disorder and what the actual cause is. There is research being done on the causes and the process of diagnosis of ADD/ADHD every day, but this is a complex disorder that has causations that are both psychological and physiological. This is not like any other sickness where you can go to a doctor and they can pinpoint exactly what the cause it – it is more complicated than that.

What is ADD and What Are The Effects Of ADD?

The symptoms of attention deficit disorder are a lot easier to pin down than the actual causes. Someone with ADD often has difficulty concentrating, may have multiple learning disabilities, may exhibit various impulsive behaviors, can have all around low self-esteem and anxiety. People with add often have troubles with family relationships and poor social relationships as well.

What is ADD and How Is ADD Treated?

There are many approaches for diagnosis and treatment of ADD disorder. The more information and support you have, the more steps you can take to make easier it will be for you to find the most effective tools for treatment of ADD. Usually, a combination of medicine and social therapy work best, but there are many other holistic approaches that look promising as well. The most important thing to remember, though, is that not one approach will work for everyone – every situation is different. What is ADD ? Get some professional advice from a doctor who specializes in attention deficit disorder, take as many steps as you can towards understanding ADD, and choose the best approach or your specific situation.

When trying to figure out what is add,  getting the right information and support, living with ADD is not that big of a deal – a growing number of people are being diagnosed with it everyday. As long as you have a basic understanding of ADD, the various treatment options and know what is add, you should have no difficulty finding a way to live with ADD successfully!