Tuesday 30th August 2016

What Is ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

what is add

Natural Cures for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Natural Cures for Attention Deficit Disorder

Natural Cures for Attention Deficit Disorder

The first and foremost thing a parent needs to consider when there is suffering from ADD is their diet. You need to assess how often you allow your child junk food, chocolate, and sugar loaded foods. Giving a child sugar loaded foods more than once a week can cause a behavioral problem. ADD still remains controversial even despite the Ritalin and Adderall prescription medication, due to their being no definite method of diagnosis. Regardless of all the beliefs of what attention deficit disorder actually means, there are natural cures that can be effective.

Natrual Cures for ADD do exists. Although nothing actually can cure ADD since there is nothing really “wrong” with someone with ADD. So from here on after we will use the term “cure” for treatment.

There are several natural cures for ADD which will alleviate the symptoms. Natural remedies present no risks and side effects as opposed to conventional prescribed medications. However if your child is taking prescribed treatment, you need to consult your practitioner before changing your child routine, as a child cannot be abruptly taken off their prescribed medication. Parents need to bear in mind that natural supplements take time before positive effects are noted.

Due to the many risks and side effects of Adderall and Ritalin people have been continually searching for natural alternatives for children. Traditional medications have proved to be affective is some instances, although a child may tolerate the medication and another child may react to the medication. Due to this factor many parents have become disillusioned and prefer to use natural cures for ADD.

One of the best natural remedies used for ADD is Ginko Biloba, which has been proved to help increase the blood flow to the brain and increase neurotransmitter levels, which help the child to become more clear headed and composed. It has been noted and proved that the effects of Ginko Biloba are permanent, which means that it does not have to be used on a permanent basis although it is not an add cure by itself.

Another well known herbal remedy is Brahmi which has been found to have a positive effect on the brain, as well as increases overall cognitive function. Brahmi improves the child’s learning capability as well as protects the brain from free radicals. An excellent cure for attention deficit is Gotu Kola as known as Centella Asiatica has been used to reduce anxiety level and augments the brain function.

Studies have shown that this herbal remedy increases blood flow to the brain and nerves as well as increases circulation and enhanced the memory. Another natural supplement that needs to be taken long term for the effects to become permanent is St. John’s Wort for children suffering from fear, anxiety, insomnia and depression. In addition dietary changes have been proved to eliminate food allergies and toxins and calm and balance hyperactivity in children.

If your child is bouncing off the walls and is disruptive at home and in class, you need to consult with a professional practitioner. There are several options to help with attention deficit disorder which include dietary changes that include adding omega 3 essential fatty acids, as well as a natural cure if parents are willing to consider them.